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A Libre Service

A set of comprehensive and well integrated
Information/Topic Oriented
Libre Internet Application Services

Based on Pure Free Software
Reproducible, Modifiable, Redistributable.

Provided and supported by Neda Communications, Inc.

ByTopic Services are a showcase demonstration of our Vision for Libre Internet Application Services.

Current Topics

What are Libre Services?

Libre Services are an extension of the principles of the Free Software movement to the domain of Internet Application Services.

Free Software is completely transparent: it may be freely copied, modified and redistributed. Libre Services are similarly transparent: they are Internet Application Services which may be freely copied, reproduced, extended, and redistributed in their entirety.

For a complete description of Libre Services, see A Vision for Free Internet Application Services.

For more information, visit the Libre Services information center at: http://www.LibreServices.org.

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